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Butterfly Valve Lockout Device (PSL-BFV)

Typical Butterfly Valve Lockout Device

The Butterfly Valve Lockout Device (PSL-BFV) is used to lockout individual butterfly valves to prevent energization.

Here are some of the key features of this butterfly valve Lockout device:

  • Compact, universal and unique design fits most butterfly valve handles.
  • Constructed of rugged polypropylene - highly resistant to solvents/chemicals and to cracking/abrasion for industrial and harsh applications.
  • Recommended for temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C).
  • Padlock hole diameter is 0.39" (9.91 mm), in order to work with a broad range of padlocks.

To inquire about purchasing this and other related Lockout Devices please use the Contact Information page.

Additional Information:

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