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Lockout Audits

Lockout/Tagout Audits

One aspect of Lockout/Tagout that some companies are not aware of is the periodic inspection of the Energy Control Procedure to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of the Lockout/Tagout standard are being followed. The periodic inspection shall be performed by an Authorized Employee other than the one utilizing the energy control procedure being inspected. The periodic inspection shall be conducted to correct any deviations or inadequacies identified. Additional information regarding yearly inspection of Lockout/Tagout documentation can be found in the OSHA Standard subsection 1910.147(c)(6).

DEenergize offers third-party audits to ensure Compliance with your organization's Lockout Program. With the experiance of having performed yearly Lockout Audits for hundreds of companies across North America, the DEenergize team of professionals will concisely identify incorrect procedures, hazardous situations, and inconsistencies, and offer solutions to reach compliance and provide a safer environment for your company's employees. The value of experience is not only measured in the safe solutions we propose, but also the competitively priced audits we offer to companies. As we continuously enhance and streamline our Lockout Auditing processes, we share cost savings and this experience and know how with our customers. This honest and value-added relationship with our customers often results in continuously scheduled yearly audits to maintain a compliant and safe work environment.

Typically, we can provide pricing to perform on-site audits/inspections of your current Lockout Program by reviewing your site's floor layout and/or equipment list or asset list. The DEenergize team will coordinate with your Safety or Maintenance staff initiatives, objectives and goals. Understanding your current Lockout Program and how your staff is trained is a necessary function prior to performing an audit. With capabilities and staff to audit a 10-million-square-foot facility or a 40,000-square-foot facility, we offer the client the best comprehensive solution to fit your company's interest. By performing on-site audits, all hazardous energies and any hazardous situations for your company's machinery or equipment and Lockout Procedures are thoroughly inspected. Upon completion of the on-site audit, a custom Lockout Audit or Inspection Report is generated. This report not only identifies any deficiencies, compliant status, add/or hazards, but also shows corrective action options. As with all of DEenergize's services, Audit Reports are also supplied to the customer in editable electronic format.

Lockout Audits by DEenergize can help your company implement new safety programs such as Accident Prevention Programs (APP) or Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), all while creating a safer work environment.


For additional information regarding Lockout Audits or to request a quote, please use the Contact Information page to contact the DEenergize team and discuss your company's specific needs.

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