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20-person Lockout Station with Components (PSL-20SWCA)

Typical 20-person Lockout Station with Components

The 20-person Lockout Station with Components (PSL-20SWCA) is used to conveniently store lockout components used to prevent energization.

Here are some of the key features of the 20-person Lockout Station with Components:

  • Conveniently store padlocks, tags and Lockout Devices in one common area
  • Designed to accommodate twenty employees containing the following commonly used lockout components:
  • Overall size of the lockout station is 23.00" (584.2 mm) x 23.00" (584.2 mm)
  • Constructed of rugged materials intended for industrial and harsh applications

To inquire about purchasing this and other related Lockout Devices please use the Contact Information page.

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