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Group Lock Boxes

As an alternative to hasps, a group lock box is a very cost-effective and efficient device to assist with group Lockout/Tagout. Properly using a group lock box can significantly reduce the amount of padlocks necessary and also the weight of padlocks on each energy source, while enhancing the level of safety for all employees involved.

A common methodology to properly use a group lock box follows the following process:

  1. Supervising authorized employee applies his padlocks in order to isolate every energy source on a piece of equipment.
  2. Supervising authorized employee puts all of his padlock keys in the group lock box and a final padlock on the front latch.
  3. Every other authorized employee applies his padlock to the group lock box. Hasps may be used if more than 13 authorized employees are performing group Lockout/Tagout.
  4. The locked-out piece of equipment will remain in a zero-energy state until every authorized employee has removed his padlock from the group lock box so that the supervising authorized employee can remove his initial padlocks from the energy sources.

DEenergize offers the following group lock box to help you meet the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 during group Lockout/Tagout:

Group Lock Box - Locked

Group Lock Box - Locked


Title: Group Lock Boxes
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