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Keeping Employees Safe!

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About St. Claire, Inc.


St. Claire has been in business since 1941, developing technical manuals for the machine tool and automation industry. Our technical manuals have addressed safety concerns throughout the evolution of machinery. Therefore, in the 1980s when Lockout/Tagout began to really be addressed by OSHA and the manufacturing industry, St. Claire was well positioned to share our knowledge regarding the control of Hazardous Energy.


From the early stages of OSHA Standard 1910.147, St. Claire has been a pioneer in Compliance, providing safe visual tools for Maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, St. Claire's core business was writing Technical Manuals for the Machine & Tool Industry. Section two of our Operator Manuals discussed Safety, more specifically Lockout/Tagout. While working on a manual for an injection-mold machine being installed at Ford Motor Company, we had the opportunity to provide Ford with Lockout/Tagout documentation in order to assist their development of their Lockout Program. The program, Energy Control Power Lockout placards commonly referred to as ECPL placards, was the first such lockout program in the automotive industry. St. Claire is honored to have worked with Ford on this program.

As we became more involved with OSHA Compliance documentation, particularly Lockout/Tagout, our customer base became more diverse. With this experience and diversity, we were able evolve our Lockout/Tagout documentation. Unique situations, customer input and a wide variety of manufacturing, process and facilities equipment have allowed St. Claire to learn Best Practice procedures and share them with our customers.


Introducing innovative technology to our placard development allows St. Claire to stay ahead of the industry standard. We are honored to be the leader in the field regarding Lockout placarding and the technology for placard development. Our process ensures that all pertinent information is included in the lockout placard/tags, resulting in safe, timely and cost-effective equipment serviceability.


Our St. Claire associates are our most important assets. We're honored they consider St. Claire home; employment longevity (10, 15, 20, 25 years) is common. Our customers benefit from their extensive training, field experience and their involvement with leading-edge equipment manufacturers on a daily basis.


Our client base is vast; our relationships are much deeper than developing a few Lockout placards for an equipment supplier installing equipment at a major manufacturer and claiming to be a partner. St. Claire is fortunate to be true partners with companies like Honda, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota San Antonio, Mitsubishi, Whirlpool, Bosch, Panduit, A123 Systems and many other Fortune 500 companies. Our customers speak volumes. St. Claire relies on being humble, hardworking and honest with the utmost integrity. We're confident our clients will confirm this belief. For each of these companies, St. Claire has been fortunate to develop a Lockout Program including all facets, i.e., Lockout Standard, energy secure mapping, placard and tag development, installation and training. These programs are ensuring a safer work environment for our customers' associates, their suppliers and contractors.

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