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Other Energy Sources

Other Energy Source

Definition of Other Hazardous Energy

Certain equipment and/or processes may have an energy source that is not addressed by the typical energy source definitions. These unique energy sources may present specific dangers that need to be defined and properly controlled. A few examples are listed below:

For these conditions, unique lockout/tagout procedures and energy control tags are developed as needed.

Associated Hazardous Energy Hazards

Injuries associated with these unique energy sources will vary depending upon the type of energy. Possible injuries could be:

Proper lockout/tagout can virtually eliminate the risk involved with hazardous energy.

Means of Hazardous Energy Isolation

Controls for unique hazardous energy sources may be specific for each application, but in many cases the control devices will be similar to those used for other, traditional energy sources.

Verifying Absence of Hazardous Energy

Verifying the absence of unique hazardous energy potential after performing lockout/tagout will depend on the type of unique energy.

Typical Energy Isolation Devices

Unique hazardous energy isolation devices may vary in design and may be specific to the type of energy source. In some cases, though, they may be similar to other energy isolation devices such as:

Typical Energy Lockout Devices

Hazardous energy lockout devices use positive means such as a lock and key to keep the associated energy isolation device in the safe position and prevent equipment energization. Typical hazardous energy lockout devices are outlined in the Valve and Pneumatic page.


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