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CAUTION Safety Signs

CAUTION Signal Word Headers

This resource provides various Lockout/Tagout related CAUTION safety signs that can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format, or optionally purchased premade for your convenience. Both OSHA 1910.145 and ANSI Z535.4-2002 compliant formats are available in landscape and portrait orientation.

CAUTION safety signs indicate a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury. It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices associated with events that could lead to personal injury.

If you have a suggestion that will improve this collection of safety signs, then please use the Contact Information page and let us know.


Signal Word:   CAUTION
Format:   OSHA 1910.145 compliant safety sign.
Product ID:   COA049DE
Size:   11.5 inch wide, 9 inch high, landscape orientation.

You have the option to purchase this Lockout/Tagout safety sign premade in quantities of 5, 10 or 25. Made in the USA, DEenergize brand safety signs are manufactured of 22 mil polyester with 3M VHB adhesive backing for unsurpassed durability and performance in harsh industrial environments.

AGlare resistant polyester protective layer providing UV protection and durability.
BDurable, long-lasting sign image containing the sign header, message and pictogram.
COpaque polyester substrate forming a sealed edge with the front protective layer.
D3M Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive backing for permanent mounting applications.

NOTE: Your DEenergize brand safety signs order includes FREE shipping. We ship to the continental United States and Canada only.




    OSHA Landscape          ANSI Landscape 
    OSHA Landscape with Symbol          ANSI Landscape with Symbol 
    OSHA Portrait with Symbol          ANSI Portrait with Symbol 

Title: CAUTION Safety Signs
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Printed: Monday July 6th, 2020

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